The newly named trail honors the memory of Will Hartman, a 2002 GMHS graduate. He died in a kayaking accident in India on October 31, 2016. The path runs along the west side of the property where he was raised. ‘Will’s Way’ leads to an array of hiking trails. These trails served as his playground throughout his childhood and young adult life. 


“The trail, approximately 680 feet in length, starts on the Pasture Path just west of its junction with the Diagonal, and runs north to a point on Randolph Hill Road opposite Sugar Plum Farm. It is very much like the Short Circuit, which follows a similar route about five hundred feet to the east. Together they form a loop for short walks between the Midlands and the Hill.” – RMC Newsletter December 2017.

About ‘Will’s Way’ and Will Hartman

The below article was written by Will’s mother who retired from the Gorham School District in 2010.

In the late 1970s, the property between the western stone wall of 215 Randolph Hill Road and the western end of the “kayak area” was part of the Underhill estate, now owned by the Eitels. Robert Underhill cut the original path from Randolph Hill Road to the Pasture Path; his trail paralleled Pasture Path, then north to his home–a perfect circle.

“Will’s Way” is a double entendre (a word or phrase open to two interpretations). 

1. It is a path that has been used by many for decades and unknown by many for decades.

2. It is the spirituality and the philosophy of how Will conducted his life in this world.

The choices we make in the way we treat and love our friends and family are reflected in “Outline For A Well-Lived Life As Observed In Will Hartman”. On this page are some of these, excerpted from statements made by Will’s close friends. 

Incorporating “Will’s Way” into the RMC trail system ensures Will’s passion for life, his smile, and his spirit will live on.


– Lynn Hunt

Get Out In Nature
Do What You Love
Do It Some More
Read Books
Surround Yourself With Good Friends
Beat Them At Scrabble
Call Your Mom–Tell Her Your Secrets
Tell Everyone You Love Them
Do Fun Stuff With Your Dad
Listen More, Talk Less
Live Simply
Challenge Yourself
Give To Others
Fall In Love

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  1. We discovered this yesterday, while hiking the trails off of Randolph Hill Road. I don’t know if she will see this or whether it can be forwarded, but I would like to thank Will’s mom for sharing this with others and for the wonderful garden with its prayer flags, statuary, and lovely plants. Thanks also to the Eitel family for allowing access to this land (I waved “Thanks” at your house yesterday!).

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