The Access Road will lead you to either Main Street or the  Lancaster Road. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on this road, which makes it great for pedestrians, pets, and bicyclists. There is a nice resting area featuring a bench which was made by a student from Gorham Middle High School. Also, there are several trails that branch off from this road.

Resting Area

Picture on the right: A bench made by one of the students from Gorham Middle High School as their Capstone Project.

Russell "Casey" Hodgdon Memorial Bridge

Other Trails

On the Access Road there are many other trails such as the Old River Road and the Pumphouse trails.

Take a Closer Look


There are two ways to approach the Access Road. One way is via the Gorham Municipal Airport. There is parking beyond the Airport and before the orange metal bar that blocks the entrance to the trail to motorized vehicles. Another way is via Route 2, 1 mile west of Route 16. Across the street from the parking area is the entrance to the Access Road, which is also marked with an orange metal bar.

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